Official Partner of the Ugandan Embassy in Berlin
Perleberger Straße 48
10559 Berlin - Germany

Tel.: 49 (0) 30-8092 0322
Fax: 49 (0) 30-306 40158

Office hours
Monday - Friday
09:00 am - 5:00 pm GMT

Official Partner of the
Ugandan Embassy
in Berlin
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Bridge Corporation is a renowned private company that provides best in class outsourced
Visa application solutions mainly to African countries.

Founded in 2003, we have gained more than ten years experience serving as a reliable
Visa processing center for Africa. We have evolved over the years using modern technology to
facilitate visa application processes, reduce processing time, rubust screening and equally
adherring to local and international privacy laws.

At Bridge-Corporation confidentiality and client security is our highest priority.
We ensure, complete complete confidentiality of the information provided by applicants and will
further ensure that it is used for no purpose other than processing of their applications.

Our modern IT systems have enabled us to store and retrieve data in a safe reliable way
while providing an audit trail of all historical data.

Our main office currently located in Berlin is equipped with professional staffs that will
ensure you get the best services required.