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Physical Access Authentication

There are several facilities which have limited access. Biometrics provides a way to make physical access safer while keeping the process easy for authorized staff. Biometric access systems usually employ palm, fingerprint, and iris. But such systems have disadvantages including the speed of authentication, possible spoofing of fingerprints and the fact that many people have to touch the same device.

Biometric Access – it’s not just fingerprints!

The biometrics of face and voice combined with a passive check of liveliness offer quick, touch-free and ultra-secure verification. Employees or customers stand at the checkpoint, look at a camera and/or say an expression, testing speech and/or facial liveliness to avoid using videos, high-resolution pictures, cut-outs, etc. Upon confirmation of liveness, the biometric voice / facial is matched to an encrypted print on your server or in your cloud. Authenticated users log in.