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Management of Elections and related Voting processes.

The dawn of the 21st Century came along with a boost and an unprecedented spread and popularity of ICTs and global interconnectedness consolidated over the years with the boom of the Internet and the blossoming of social networks that have rendered the world "one”. This evolution in post-modern societies has however carried along increased threats in terms of hacking, intrusion into and manipulation of large databases. This has had so much influence that results of polls have at times been officially questioned, cancelled and even rescheduled, even at national and international levels.

When more and more international Governments are put in place the world over, the threat is more than ever real, especially in the COVID-19 era that has seen an unprecedented rise of ICT and Electonic solutions used to automate processes and reduce the necessity of physical displacements in order to carry out certain processes.

The post-modern world is more than ever before, experiencing the rise of what we could coin “Global E-citizens”.

BRIDGE CORPORATION steps in with her unique electronic and biometric Voting and Elections System. Usually based on the “one man-one vote” principle, our automation and biometric security actions have served to produce clear national and inter-governmental registries. Also, our expertise has contributed to increasing the effectiveness of state of the art biometric and electronic voter’s cards, with security combining fingerprints, facial, palm and in some exceptional cases iris features. With our technology and system’s ability to cover very wide areas, we have prevented fraud and threats to elections integrity in many countries.

The same has been much useful in yielding high levels of polling participation, Voting and Elections security and overall elections success. Thanks to our Experts, many Governments across the globe have been able to come up with widely approved and legitimate elections results. Again, our products are easily adaptive and can adjust to fit both large and small scale environments and elections processes.

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