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Biometric Identification, the key to hassle-free border management

BC Border Management Systems - Since 2006

For a little more than a decade, our ABIS products have succeeded in bringing about safe and reliable border monitoring and regulation. This must of necessity be saluted in a rapidly adversely changing “global village” within which the current tides are fostering illegal immigration, terrorists‟ border crossing and, in the fate of “The COVID-19 pandemic”, what we could coin “Health risky border crossing”.

The peculiarity and probably most significant added-value of our systems and technology is to be found in its unmatched safe and quick pace processing ability. Again, our cross-cultural and worldwide expertise helps us provide ever innovative solutions to new threats to Border safety, throughout the globe. For instance, our Biometric Gate hardware stands as the first premiere class fully automated electronic gate with premium 3D sensors and high resolution cameras. The technology equally offers best views of specific areas and locations thus increasing control and monitoring capacity. BC‟s biometric gate has helped in decreasing transit times and has rendered many international airports safer on various continents.

In a post-modern world where increasing border crossing of people and goods require some sense of equilibrium between safety and fast track processing, our passport scanners prove most relevant. Their interface, their software options and modules, but also their set-up, are very useful and highly practical for use by immigration officers and police check posts over the world. This includes match checks, authentication of passports and visas, enrollment and tracking of citizens in national databases, etc. Also, blacklisting is available and other silent alert functions can quickly be relayed on large scales and most confidentially, in ways to protect specific borders, to sensitize related posts and to reduce as much as possible fraud and threats.


It is worth mentioning that our systems and technology make it possible to follow up travel history, previous passport records, fingerprint enrollment, and general automated fingerprint processing. Our AFIS also allows for instant fingerprint verification to be performed along with facial recognition and travel documents authentification.

In a nutshell, thanks to our innovative tecnologies, entering, exiting, or just enrolling in border crossing processes and other immigration services have been rendered safer and more traceable in many countries. It is thus no wonder that our systems and technology are in use within some agencies of INTERPOL.

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