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Bridge Corporation: A unique blend of skilled, experienced, and innovative team meembers.

We distinguish ourselves from other Businesses in that we actively take part in each phase of a project we start with our customers, in a unique way. Indeed, we do not just develop and make our solutions (software, systems and hardware) fit the order of our clients. Actually, we create a working environment of trust and long lasting win-win partnership with the latter. Again, the Expertise and assistance of our team is focused and deployed with due integration of confidentiality and respects of Ethics and Deontology, Integrity and Trust.

We work alongside you to bring alive any type of Biometric project you might dream of, and based on our SDKs. Our most solicited project accompaniment includes; among others:

Civil AFS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

  • Visa sticker & E-Visa
  • ID project management
  • E-documents
  • Biometric passport production
  • SIM Cards registration
  • Student Registration
  • Forensic AFIS
  • Physical Access Control
  • Logical Access Control
  • Time and Attendance Control

We deliver Readily operational/usable projects

BRIDGE CORPORATION has the merit of quickly adapting herself to specific customer’s environments and, of updating each client of hers at every stage of implementation of the project and our open-ended approach of work makes us very much open to broad and rich in-depth cooperation with the same, throughout the 5 continents.

We pride neither in her amount of customers served over the years, nor in her quasi inexistent amount of feedback complaints. One of our peculiar distinctive features and a keynote tenet of our added-value is the close knots binding us with our clients thanks to our delivering readily operational/usable software, systems and hardware equipment.

Our usual operational mode unfolds in a triple fold process:

  • Set-up/configuration, pre-installment and tests of our server software solutions at our Headquarters in Germany,
  • Fitting of the software and system solution into the customers‟ site, location, base, headquarters, environment or network. There eventually is an availing of hardware equipment when applicable.
  • Testing and ownership of the solutions by Clients. It is worth mentioning that it is at this stage that Training with regards to additional Support, t Maintenance and to Repair is consolidated and completed.

Training/Capacity Building is a core tenet of our action-plan:

Providing competent knowledge.

BRIDGE CORPORATION has made it a must to offer Capacity-Building and Training to her client-partners. This is a must because our solutions include for the most intuitive graphical user interfaces.

BRIDGE CORPORATION will equally update or rather upgrade skills, competency, qualifications of system administrators and operators, of Trainers and other customer-company staff regarding new trends and changes regarding applications and configurations of delivered solutions.

Not just as regards Maintenance, Support and Repair and, beyond capacity building regarding operation of our supplied solutions, we train new staff and specific working teams and tasks regarding access and the undertaking of operations in the system and with the help of our technology.

As part of her Corporate Social Responsibility and as part of her commitment to meeting Sustainable Development Goals she has trained local working tasks and units as well as full working and administrative staffs of her customer-partner-companies regarding Challenges and Resilience of Businesses, HQSE, Personal Development, Environmental Protection, CSR and the Iron law of CSR, and the need for the same to take an active part in meeting SDGs.

Solutions for Governments
Public Sector

Solutions for Governments

Border Control systems, Law Enforcement Automated Fingerprint/biometric systems, National ID Cards Systems, Biometric/E-passports, Biometric ID Cards, Refugee registration systems, Biometric Voting systems, Criminal registration systems, and more

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